The role of open (Internet) standards is still increasing and provides opportunities and chances to companies and organizations to decrease their cost of ICT. Open standards provide the following advantages to your organization:

  • the use of open standards helps you to escape the vendor lock-in; using open standards it is possible to choose from multiple solutions as long as they support the standards you require (e.g. IMAP, SMTP, LDAP). Providers of software are enforced to work as competitors which is in the interest of you (lower price, better price/performance ratio)
  • open standards help you to diagnose problems yourself. They help you also to solve the problems yourself; this makes you less dependent of the support, opening hours and response times of the vendor. Furthermore, the result is that end users can get back to work (earlier) which minimizes loss of production.
  • the use of open standards makes it easier to work from multiple different locations, without the need for big investments.
  • open standards emerge from open discussions on specific topics. Due to the open nature of these discussions, these standards are well defined. Also, the process of creating open standards is well defined which helps to create open standards that do provide real interoperability.