Company Profile

Sonnection B.V. was founded in 1996 and primarily provides services in the areas of E-mail and Directory Services. As a secondary process we sell some e-mail related products.

As for services this means giving advise and perform work for (mostly) e-mail related projects. For example projects to migrate or integrate e-mail systems, design and/or integrate directory services, advise which anti-spam technologies to apply and how to apply them, and advise on the application of anti-virus software in combination with messaging software.

For customers who prefer to purchase services and software from one vendor, Sonnection provides products in the areas of e-mail and directory services. Sonnection has reseller agreements for selling products of Process Software ( and of Sophos (

Sonnection has extensive experience in the planning and execution of and participation in large migration- and integration projects. Apart from knowledge on e-mail and directory services we have sufficient knowledge on related areas like networks, protocols, firewalls, DNS etc. to succesfully complete this type of projects.

Sonnection has customers in government (and semi-government) sector as well as in the business- and industry sectors. Within the business/industry sector Sonnection provides services to all sorts of businesses and organizations, including industry, transport, publishers, service provider and telecommunication. Upon request we can provide you with references within one or more of the list of customers, to give you an idea about the way we work and our expertise. The projects in which Sonnection participated covered sites in the range of 50 to 600,000+ mailboxes.

Sonnection is a small company. In this time of globalization this seems to be a disadvantage. However, we see it as a big advantage: fast responses, short time to react, low overhead. And last but not least: for a small company it is extremely important that the customer is satisfied about the achieved results and about the price/performance ratio.