PreciseMail Anti-SPAM Gateway

PreciseMail Anti-SPAM Gateway (hereafter 'PreciseMail') is an advanced product to fight spam. PreciseMail works there, where it can be most effective: where a message enters your organization. This provides important advantages compared to other solutions: it is easier and more cost-effective to fight spam in one place, instead of having all your employees take their own measures. As PreciseMail operates on the interface between the Internet and your internal mail environment, you can also prevent sending back auto-replies (among which 'out-of-office' notifications). Finally, abuse of your costly resources is being minimized. A simple computation shows you the costs that comes with spam and what you can save by deploying the proper anti-spam software.

What are the benefits for you of using PreciseMail?

  • protect your investment
  • increased productivity of your employees
  • minimize abuse of network- and system resources, as spam is eliminated when it enters your organization
  • the possibility to have your employees administer their own anti-spam preferences and their own quarantined area
  • minimize the management of your mail service
  • PreciseMail is very effective in the identification of spam and the eliminiation of it
  • the configuration can be adjusted to the needs of your organization
  • update process is safe: there is no need to open up portnumbers in your firewall to get your anti-spam rule updates
  • Authentication for the web interface of PreciseMail can be based upon LDAP, which means you can integrate it with Active Directory or any other standards based LDAP server

How does PreciseMail eliminate spam?

  • PreciseMail combines a so called 'Bayesian artificial intelligence engine' with an advanced analysis of messages ('heuristic analysis'). The result is a very accurate anti-SPAM filter. 'Bayesian filtering' is based on statistical analysis of a message, including header information. On the website of Process Software more information can be found.
  • Filters can be adjusted to the needs of your organization. The filters in PreciseMail have scores, with reasonable defaults during installation. These scores can be modified if this suits your organization.
  • End users can maintain easily their own 'whitelists' and 'blacklists' via an intuitive web interface. This lowers the amount of system management required and furthermore provide the end users with the possibility to change their preferences or to opt-out of scanning (this can be controlled by the administrator)
  • Apart from user-level 'whitelists' and 'blacklists' it is possible for the administrator to define site-wide 'whitelists' and 'blacklists'.
  • When PreciseMail encounters a (potential) spam message, there are various options:
  • the message is discarded
  • the message is quarantined
  • the message is marked with header information reflecting the 'spamicity' of the message and the message is delivered to the mailbox of the recipient
  • the Subject of the message is modified to include a prefix or postfix (e.g. [SPAM]) and is delivered to the mailbox of the recipient
  • using one of the two latter options, it is possible to have the enduser apply their own 'rules' to filter these messages or to put them into a specific folder.
  • end users can get a regular (automatic) notification about their quarantined messages.
  • messages in quarantine, can be displayed and released by endusers without the need of operator intervention
  • at any time you can request a detailed report about PreciseMail activities.

An overview of features and benefits of PreciseMail can be found here.


PreciseMail can be used as an 'add-on' product and can be used in combination with any of the following mail servers:

  • Sendmail v8.12 or better on:
    - Solaris SPARC or Intel v2.6, v8 or better
    - RedHat Linux v7.2 or better
    - RedHat Linux Enterprise Edition v3.0 or better
  • Sun Java Enterprise System Messaging Server (aka iPlanet/SunONE Messaging Server) V5.2 or better, on:
    - Solaris SPARC
  • PMDF Internet Messaging Server V6.2 or better on:
    - Solaris SPARC or Intel v2.6, v8 or better
    - Tru64 UNIX v4.0D or better
    - OpenVMS VAX v6.1 or better 
    - OpenVMS Alpha v6.2 or better
    - Redat Linux ES 5 or better

The 'proxy' version of PreciseMail can be used in combination with any SMTP based mailserver, which protects your investments.

The vendor has made an overview of criteria, which you can use evaluating anti-spam products, and in particular PreciseMail.

For more information on PreciseMail have a look at: