PMDF Internet Messaging Server (PMDF)

The 'PMDF Internet Messaging' software (hereafter 'PMDF') is a suite of messaging products. The various modules can be used to build the right solution for your e-mail infrastructure, which matches all your or your customer's requirements. The basis of the PMDF suite is the PMDF-MTA module, which implements the 'core' Internet protocols and formats (SMTP, ESMTP, MIME etc.). PMDF is sold under license by Process Software, Boston, MA, US and Sonnection is reseller for the Netherlands.

PMDF is the ideal solution in situations like:

  • implementation of an enterprise wide mail backbone, based on open Internet mail standards (SMTP, ESMTP, IMAP, POP3, LDAP).
  • separate mail traffic, e.g. in a situation where an Internet Service Provider which provides services to multiple companies, where each comany has its own set of criteria regarding their mail traffic (different policies for e.g. mail size, anti-virus settings, anti-spam settings etc.
  • centralized naming convention and/or the masking of internal address information
  • integration or migration of different e-mail environments, e.g. after a 'merger'.
  • integration of e-mail with services like facsimile, printers, pagers or push-mail.
  • prevent problems in the e-mail component of many firewall systems.
  • reduce TCO by combining the MTA function of PMDF with anti-virus and anti-spam services.
  • prompt solution of problems in case of e.g. a (D)DOS or to prevent these problems.

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