Hosted DKIM Service

If you would like to have your outbound mail signed with a DKIM signature, but if you don't want or cannot modify your own mail infrastructure, you may want to consider the use of a 'hosted DKIM signing service'. By using this service:


  • there are no big changes required for your e-mail infrastructure
  • you can guarantee to the recipients of your messages, that your messages has been really sent by your company/organization (domainname)
  • chances on a successful delivery of your mail will increase
  • chances on abuse of your mail domain will decrease
  • you contribute to a responsible and professional use of e-mail in general
  • the number of non-delivery notifications, that are sent to you due to abuse of your domainname, will decrease

The hosted DKIM signing service:

  • adds a DKIM signature to your outbound messages
  • provides a mail interface based on the SMTP protocol
  • provides authentication based upon IP address and/or using SMTP AUTH (SASL)
  • supports submission over an encrypted connection (TLS)
  • generates weekly or monthly reports about delivery of your mail
  • has a high availability due to the use of multiple servers on different locations throughout Europe
  • is situated within a safe and secure data centre environment
  • provides a choice of attractive pricing models

How does it work?
The mail server of your company sends outbound messages to the hosted DKIM signing service, which signs the messages on behalf of the sender (you/your company). Then the hosted DKIM signing service delivers the mail to the recipient on the Internet. The recipient can check the DKIM signature and determine that you you are really the owner of the domain, from where the message was sent.

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