Consultancy Directory Services

Sonnection can provide you with skills, knowledge and experience in the area of directory services in situations like:

  • the design and implementation of an LDAP based directory service infrastructure, using Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition software (formerly known as iPlanet/SunONE Directory Server), OpenDJ or OpenLDAP 
  • integration of an e-mail infrastructure with an LDAP based directory service. This can be e.g. Active Directory, Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition, OpenLDAP, OpenDJ, eDirectory
  • achieve cost savings by integrating existing applications with Active Directory or any LDAP compliant directory server
  • write scripts for bulk loading of a directory server (e.g. change attribute values for groups of entries within the directory)
  • answer questions or solve problems when leveraging your installed base of Active Directory services using the LDAP protocol

Many products these days claim to support LDAP and more specifically Active Directory (like Business Objects, PeopleSoft, Cisco IP Phone etc.) However, it is our experience that configuring these products to use LDAP/AD is not a matter of 'plug and play', but requires knowledge about the way LDAP connections must be defined, about the LDAP schema in use and about the way LDAP filters are optimized. Sonnection can help you to achieve time and cost savings in situations where you have to integrate these products with LDAP/Active Directory.