Consultancy Anti-Spam

Sonnection can provide you with skills, knowledge and experience in the area of anti-spam in situations like:

  • application of SpamAssassin within your e-mail infrastructure, tweak rules, write site-specific rules, use whitelisting of addresses or domains etc.
  • design and implementation of the PreciseMail Anti-SPAM Gateway software, in combination with Oracle Communications Messaging Server (formerly known as iPlanet/SunONE Messaging Server) or with PMDF Internet Messaging
  • training or presentations on the subject of SPAM and Anti-SPAM technologies
  • the use of Anti-SPAM technologies like DNS-based blacklisting, greylisting, the use of DomainKeys, DKIM, DMARC, SPF and Sender ID Framework etc.
  • maximum protection of your domainname within e-mail by application of one or more of those technologies.

Quite a number of companies, enforced by the pressure of the ever-increasing amount of spam, rapidly deploy new anti-spam technologies and/or appliances, without realizing what the consequences are. Many anti-spam techniques (think of greylisting, call back verification and SPF) are adopted quickly by many organizations, but once deployed they may have immediately a negative impact on the quality of the mail service experienced by the end-user.

Sonnection can help you choose the right techniques which match your organizations needs and can help you to properly implement them.